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Compton’s by Britannica

Compton’s by Britannica
Tanggal : October 6, 2013
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Compton’s by Britannica

Written and visually designed for students ages 10 to 17, the 2008 Compton’s by Britannica has been thoroughly reviewed, updated, and revised by educators, expert contributors, and Britannica editors. Packed with dramatic pictures, detailed diagrams, and engaging text, Compton’s gives young readers the basic facts and entices advances students to dig deeper for the answer to their more complex questions.

Accurate and Up To Date

New and revised articles include astronomy, Australia, Oceania, New Zealand, ballet, basketball, flood, genetic engineering, global warming, Hamas, Liberia, Iraq, New Orleans, Palestine, Pope Benedict XVI, Steve Irwin, soccer, social security, weather, and many, many more.

Coverage of School Subjects

More than 37,000 articles cover geography, mathematics, people, social studies, and more. Compton’s 26 durable library-bound volumes cover a broad range of subject areas, from ancients to contemporary.

Visually Engaging

with Compton’s by Britannica, readers will be captivated by 23,000 maps, charts, tables, and images, including hundreds of stunning new additions.

Features of Compton’s by Britannica:

  • 37,000 articles
  • 22,500 illustrations
  • The fact-index
  • Here and there
  • Exploring
  • Profiles
  • Fact finders
  • Timelines

Product Details :

  • Binding : Hardcover
  • Volumes : 26 (260 x 195 x 580 mm)
  • Pages : 11,000
  • Illustrations : 23,000
  • ISBN : 978-1-59339-384-7
  • Weight :28 kg
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